The online qualification for digital innovators

Remote Innovation Facilitator


Solve your innovation challenges with your team 100% digitally

The online qualification as Remote Innovation Facilitator enables teams to solve their challenges 100% digitally. Executives, team leaders, design thinkers, agile and innovation coaches will find the necessary know-how to collaborate effectively and achieve impressive results – regardless of the location of the participants.       

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Everything we know about collaboration is changing: where it is done, how it is done and who does it. In addition to new tools and new methods, we need a new digital mindset.

Christian Buchholz and Benno van Aerssen


Digital workshops are different. The right tools, a clear concept and digital moderation have a decisive influence on success

360° Perspective


Each module contains an intensive practical part in which we work together on a practical project in the verrocchio Workspace

DIgital Tools

Intensive introduction to all necessary digital tools. No previous technical knowledge is required.

Digital Mindset

We share our experience from over 1,000 innovation projects and we show digital workshops to be led to success.

All sessions live. No recordings. Therefore the number of participants is limited.

Die Module

Überblick / Remote Innovation Workshops – Unterschiede zwischen virtuellen und Präsenzworkshops / Start Facilitator Community /  Erkunden digitaler verrocchio Workspace

Digitales Mindset / Team Onboarding / Profi-Tipps zur virtuellen Moderation

Definition Herausforderung / Schlüsselfragen – Project Briefing (Praxis) /  Fragen an den Projekt-Owner / – Design Thinking Synchronisation – Arbeiten  im digitalen verrocchio Workspace

– Empathie Phase (Praxis) / Methoden für die Mindset-Entwicklung / Bestimmung Fokuszielgruppen / Job. Pains, Gains definieren /Arbeiten  im digitalen verrocchio Workspace

Schlüsselfragen zu Methoden / Arbeiten  im digitalen verrocchio Workspace

Generieren von Vor-Ideen / Verschiedene Tools zur  Ideenfndung / Einsatz von Audio und Video  / Arbeiten  im digitalen verrocchio Workspace

Digitale Tools zur Evaluation / Strategische Ideenbewertung / Arbeiten  im digitalen verrocchio Workspace / 

Remote Etikette / Tools zur virtuellen Ideenanreicherung / Arbeiten in Breakouts / Arbeiten  im digitalen verrocchio Workspace

Tipps zur Remote Facilitation / Tools zum Testen von Ideen / Arbeiten  im digitalen verrocchio Workspace

Stoy-Mural erstellen / Retroperspektive / Blick in die Zukunft / Q&A  

Direkt zu den Terminen

Das Klassenzimmer

verrocchio Workspace mit mehr als 40 Templates für Innovationsworkshops. 

Special Offer

Many people currently have to work in the home office due to the coronavirus situation, but still want to solve challenges together with their colleagues. We want to support these people. Therefore we reduce the price for the whole training by more than 50% and introduce a FASTLANE – variant (14 days):

Instead of 990,- EUR (regular price) you get the same content + support for a limited time for less than 50%! 


450 PER Participant / +19% VAT

All inclusive

10 DAYS/ 10 Live sessions

No recorded clips, all sessions are performed live by the founders of the verrocchio Institute

90 Minute Sessions

Full of innovation know-how, digital practical experience and practical work in the digital verrocchio workspace

learn & Do

Switching between learning phases and working together on concrete challenges


On some days there are other dates. No problem. We record every session so that you can easily make up for the missed module..

Remote Facilitator Community

Some questions only come after the session - there is a special community of all remote facilitators for this purpose - even after the course has been completed.


There' s no substitute for trial and error. Each participant can create an own workspace and use it e.g. with his team


Writing down is not necessary, there is extensive working material for each session


The most popular innovation process is also applied in our company. In the practical phase we go through all Design Thinking phases to solve problems.


Class 1

We are planning for the beginning of April. We will gladly send you a message as soon as the date is available.  

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the technical requirements

Prerequisite is an Internet access with sufficient capacity for video telephony, as well as a webcam. The software used is provided by the verrocchio Institute. We recommend using the Chrome browser. 

Can I also work in the workspace between sessions?

The verrocchio workspace can also be used between sessions. 

What costs are incurred if I want to continue using my workspace after the sessions?

verrocchio uses the software of the company MURAL for the workspaces.  If the participant wants to create an own workspace, he needs an account here. This starts at 12 USD/month/person. 

Can I do the qualification with my whole team?

We are always glad when whole teams want to do the training. We are also happy to offer a course exclusively for your team. Please write us a message for a suitable offer.