Collaboration in virtual teams is different.

Make it better. more efficient. more creative. more joyful. faster. more focused. more relaxed.

Facilitating virtual meetings and workshops requires new knowledge and practice. The right tools and digital facilitation know-how have a crucial influence on success. Increase the remote competence in your team now.

For many years, we have worked with our international clients on a variety of remote projects.

For the first time, we share our knowledge about what really good digital collaboration looks like.

Christian Buchholz & Benno van Aerssen

Our offer


A training course for managers, team leaders, facilitators and anyone who wants to facilitate virtual meetings or workshops and achieve real results. Facilitator: Christian Buchholz

350,- instead of 600,- USD (special price)


Learn at your own pace. The Remote Team Facilitator is filled with different topics, from technique to facilitation to dealing with difficult situations. You decide what you read and when you do it.


Trying out and testing digital tools in a safe atmosphere with other participants - this is what the two 90-minute online live sessions are all about.
Under the guidance of an experienced verrocchio coach, participants work in the digital workspace and get all their questions answered.


New knowledge and exciting new tools are emerging almost daily. We therefore update the course regularly and you benefit from it. Forever. Without further costs.


In the Remote Innovation Facilitator you will experience 9 online live sessions of 90 minutes each, facilitated by an experienced verrocchio coach. The sessions are spread over several days and are recorded if participants are unable to attend on individual days.


We work together with the participants on a typical innovation challenge and work through all phases of an innovation workshop. You will experience the project both from the participant's and the facilitator's perspective.


We use the design thinking approach and enrich the phases with tools that have been tested remotely and work well. The templates provided can also be used by the participants in their own projects.


For innovation professionals, design thinkers and anyone who wants to develop new ideas together with their virtual team. Facilitator: Benno van Aerssen 

550,- instead of 1050,- USD (special price)

Statements from other participants

The Remote Innovation Facilitator Training was something special, didactically really well prepared, everything was very professional and yet almost family-like, not least thanks to Christian's calm and competent manner.
Ralf Neugebauer
Unusual Thinkers
Super training! The content was very understandable and presented with interesting examples. There were many aha effects for me. I got to know many innovation tools and I am curious how well they can be used in my everyday life!
Christian Lohne
CLAAS Farm Machinery
The training showed me how important it is for a remote conception to take different perspectives - facilitator, participant, client. Thanks to Christian for guiding us through the online sessions with plenty of tips.
Susanne Siebrecht
Siebrecht Consulting
Excellent structure - practical tips - lots of good suggestions and shared knowledge conveyed in an appealing and practical way - and all this by Benno van Aerssen in his really likeable and open manner - really great!
Anke Landmark
Die Zielgefährten
Top organisation - very valuable knowledge directly from practice, so that you don't have to make many mistakes yourself. The constant change between the participant and facilitator perspective was also very valuable. THANK YOU!
Jochen Van De Ven
The trainers Benno and Christian have a very broad knowledge of methods and above all you benefit as a participant from the practical application cases and the associated pitfalls. Excellent!
Dan Hasse
Deutsche Bundesbank

Why verrocchio?

100% practical knowledge

In recent years, we have experienced almost every digital workshop situation. We know where the challenges are, which tools work well and how to work with teams online.


Our claim is that remote workshops achieve 100% as good or even better results than face-to-face meetings. This is how we measure the quality of our digital workshops.


There is a confusing number of digital tools on the market. We give a fair assessment, not guided by commission payments, of what really works in practice and recommend alternatives.