The verrocchio Institute

The Verrocchio Institute operates far from classical one-dimensional teaching approaches: Here, training is not only theory-based, but is based on experienced innovation practice.

The two founders, Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz, live out the tools of their trade from their many years of experience at home and abroad.

In the verrocchio Institute, topics are presented, developed and worked on with visual power.

Here, with the help of a large network of international customers, partners and organisations, new knowledge and experience is gathered. And this can be obtained by anyone who wants to increase their innovative ability. 

The verrocchio Institute:

  • licensed verrocchio innovation coaches and innovation consultants
  • verrocchio offers open and closed workshops and innovation labs
  • verrocchio researches and cooperates with many experts and universities
  • publishes verrocchio reference books and technical literature
  • verrocchio develops own methods and tools in the field of innovation consulting

The verrocchio Institute supports people to become the innovators of our time.

You can read more about us at