Remote Facilitation – new competences for working from the home office

Working from home has become a new reality for many people in recent weeks. But what is changing and what skills and tools do we need in the home office?

Our professional cooperation is changing and not only since the Corona crisis. But now that we are increasingly confronted with the terms “Remote Work” and “Home Office”, we have to ask ourselves some questions. How does our way of working change when our workplace and communication channels change? What skills and tools do we need to cope with these changes?

Based on these questions we have developed our online qualification as Remote Innovation Facilitator and Remote Team Facilitator. Our aim is not only to provide you with technical know-how for online collaboration, but also to give you the right choice of tools and explain the basic mechanisms of virtual collaboration. Our bundled knowledge from years of experience and proven concepts can be found in both courses and should help innovation teams, design thinkers and innovation coaches as well as all teams that need to collaborate virtually. In the following we would like to briefly introduce both courses and the skills we teach.

Remote Innovation Facilitator

As we go through all design thinking phases in our digital verrocchio workspace during the qualification, the course will take place in 10 live sessions spread over two weeks. At the beginning we work out the differences between virtual and live workshops to identify the most important tools we need online and use them for a test project. In this way, you apply the knowledge you gain in a realistic situation and working environment. During and after the course you will have access to our verrocchio campus and community, where you can continue to interact with course participants and we will continue to share new insights and learnings with you.

Remote Team Facilitator

The qualification as Remote Team Facilitator is divided into two areas. There are seven learning modules that you can work through independently at your own pace and two live sessions where you can apply your knowledge in practice. The focus of this course is on imparting basic know-how without focusing on the innovation area and is therefore suitable for all professional fields. Also with this course you will have access to our verrocchio Campus and the community, where you can continue to exchange with course participants and we will continue to share new insights and learnings with you.

If you have more detailed questions about the courses and the content, you can always contact us here. Or you can use the chat integrated on the website to communicate with us. For all those who would like to deal more intensively with the topic of remote work and looking for different video conferencing tools, we have written the article “4 powerful video conferencing tools for your next online meeting“.

Jennifer Weiß

Jennifer Weiß

My task is the corporate communication for the verrocchio Institute and my main goal is to make our collected knowledge available to everyone in a comprehensible form.

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